Saturday, January 7, 2012

Resolutions Mini Album

In order for me to be successful with achieving my new year's resolutions I have to have some way of tracking my progress or else I always fail. Last year I made a small monthly checklist that hung on my bulletin board in my room. This small and simple piece of paper helped remind me each and every day to work on my resolutions and achieve those goals I set for myself.

This year I went a little more creative with my resolution checklist, but it seriously only took me 20 minutes tops. 

I had a plain mini album I purchased from Roberts (HOO-RAH for them going out of business and having a 75% off sale, but SAD that we won't have them anymore :( ) and then I mod podged some paper on the front & back covers.

Next, I added a title page with a oh-so-handy black pen.

Now comes the month-by-month checklist to hold me accountable for each resolution. It is funny how such a simple blank box can motivate me to accomplish big things! haha

Easy peasy right? I'd say so! And I encourage everyone who has made new year resolutions to find some way of tracking them to hold yourself accountable! It works!
Once again, happy "resoluting"!

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