about me

My name is Brittany Aurich and I am the designer of brielle photography and design :)

My passion for photography began when I got my first camera in 9th grade. I made sure to take pictures of holidays, birthdays and all events inbetween! Since then I've had a camera either in my purse or strapped around my neck capturing all of life's memories.

brielle accessories started recently when the creative spark hit me! I love learning how to make new crafts and it's even better when they are something you can wear! I use everyday situations for my inspiration whether it is a photo, blog, or color combination. I love sparking my life with creativity and hope to share a little bit of that with you!

I am currently attending Utah Valley University studying Elementary Education and plan to graduate in December 2013.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave a comment and contact me with any q's!