Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Evolution of Me

No this titles doesn't represent some in depth soul searching, life changing, evolution of how I came to be where I am today - it simply illustrates the following picture.

The actual evolution of me. :) Let's take a look back and illustrate some of these funnies shall we?

{Baby Britt} - I practically look the exact same now!
{Toddler} - Photos from this shoot were used for Kiddie Candids marketing. Gotta love the jean!
{Kindergarten} - If you look closely, you can see on my upper right cheek/eye there is a dark red scratch from my lovely sister from the day before. I was so sad that I had to get my pictures taken with a scratch on my face. :(
{1st Grade} - No words. Total cutie.
{2nd Grade} - Okay awkward smarty pants here! Also still diggin the jean shirt. And the buttoned collar. Nice work mom!
{3rd Grade} - Cheesin' it up! I had to get retakes this year because in my first picture I wasn't exactly smiling. You know how they always tell you to say a silly word like "BOYS!"? Well I said it. And they took the picture before I finished. Hence the super smile for the retakes. :)
{4th Grade} - Reppin' the Old Navy tech vest baby! I also wore my hair up because all my friends and boys I liked told me that I looked really pretty with my hair up in a cheerleader ponytail with curls. haha
{5th Grade} - I love my crimped hair, Harry Potter glasses, pooka shell necklace, and my favorite Union Bay shirt. :) Very content with myself at this age. haha
{6th Grade} - AWKWARD! haha Thank you puberty for making me feel and look so awkward.
{7th Grade} - Puberty continued. ha This picture is super funny though because after I got it taken everyone told me how beautiful it was and they loved my hair, shirt and necklace. Guess I was stylin' back then? One thing they forgot to tell me was how much they loved my eyebrows though.... ;)
{8th Grade} - Fixed the eyebrow situation. Thank you wax and tweezers. Grew out of puberty. Luckily. 8th grade was a solid pic.
{9th Grade} - One of my better school pictures minus the Satan horns (AKA poof balls on each side of my head).
{10th Grade} - Goodness gracious this picture makes me sad. I decided to get retakes because I thought I didn't like my first pic. Little did I know, I was going to get in a car accident during a rain storm the morning of retakes. Hence the awful hair and shiny sweat all over my face. I was a lil stressed. haha
{11th Grade} - I loved this picture! Too bad I ended up looking like two feet too far to the left. haha

And then I didn't have my senior picture on hand, but oh well. :) I pretty much look the same then as I do now.

Pretty fun huh? At least I think so! Go get your school pictures out! What are the funny memories you have of those days? I think it's amazing that I can remember so much about each and every year! Love the memories.

Until next time,
peace yo.