Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{How-to #2}: Pillows

On to our second DIY "toot" from my bedroom post!

During our room renovations, my friends and I thought it would be fun to whip out the sewing machine and make some of our own pillows with coordinating fabric to match our bedspreads. Now to be honest, my friend Michelle sewed my pillow since I'm not the pro with the stupid sewing machine. But here's what she did....get's super hard......not's super simple.

{1.}Cut out the shape of pillow you want from your fabric. Now place that cut out on top of your fabric to cut a second identical piece.

{2.} Lie your two pieces perfectly on top of each other and sew a basic stitch around 3 sides, leaving the 4th open to stuff.

{3.}"Then, you stuff." -Sandlot
Just like in my IKEA frame toot, I use this cheap stuffing from Hobby Lobby. **Tip, the more stuffing you use the better the pillow will turn out because it will hold shape better & longer. After using my pillow for the last year, it's begun to get a little floppy and I wish I would've added more stuffing.

{4.} Now you just sew off the opening and you're all done!

Look at all those pillows we made! And there I am in the middle with my IKEA frame from the {How-to #1} post! (**This is what the frame looks like before you add the ribbon && other small decorations)

That's all folks! Easy Peasy! Okay this is super random, but watch this'll have a new appreciation for the phrase "easy peasy"!!!

"Easy peasy! Nice and easy! Light and breezy! Mmmmm delicious! Now that's it. Now THAT was it." Hahahahaha oh this still makes me pee my pants laugh every time I watch it. Enjoi.

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