Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{How-to #1}: IKEA Frame

Goooooood morning errrrrbody! It's time for the first bedroom how-to from this post! 

{The IKEA "Queen Frame"}

Last summer when I was trying to redecorate my room I, of course, made a trip to IKEA to get ideas and buy a few things. When I saw this big beauty I knew I just had to have it! The only problem was that it was black and my room colors were aqua, pink, and white. So.....I bought some spray paint and went to town! Here's a step by step instruction on how to turn a big black frame into an eye catching decoration!

{1.} SPRAY PAINT: My first step was to spray paint the frame white...this took a long time and lots of patience because I didn't start out as the world's best spray painter. I have found that if it doesn't look right, just add another coat until it does :) Once it is spray painted, you are ready to rock n roll with the center piece. 

{2.} CENTER PIECE: Get fabric to cover the whole oval area + a little extra to staple around the back. Start stapling the fabric to a perfectly sized piece of cardboard (lucky for us, this exact IKEA frame already comes with a perfectly sized piece of glass and cardboard; for this project, I threw away the glass and used the cardboard backing) . Once you have stapled about 3/4 of the fabric to the cardboard backing, start stuffing it with cheap pillow stuffing. (I bought some for $2.99 at Hobby Lobby plus you can use one of their weekly 40% off coupons!) I stuffed my center until it was round and fluffy, but there is no particular amount you should use. Once it is stuffed to your liking, close the rest of it up by stapling it shut.

Next, I criss-crossed four strands of ribbon and stapled each strand on the back. I was originally going to leave my decoration at this point so I could use it as a cork board/ picture holder, but then I got the idea to decorate it with my fabric rosettes instead. So ladies and gents, it is up to you! If you want to use it to hold to-do lists, pictures, notes, etc., then you are all finished! If you are like me, and want to use it as a decoration then add some flowers to spruce it up! Voila! You are finished and have a statement piece for any room in your house!

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