Saturday, September 17, 2011

{How-to #3}: Frames!

{ Frames}
Having frames in my space is essential for how many pictures I take, so why not make them cute? :) And even better than cute each of these frames were $1 or less thanks to the D.I. and dollar store! Look below for an easy "toot" on making a frame collage on your wall!

{1.} Like I said, all of these frames were purchased for $1 or less at the D.I. (similar to a Goodwill or Savers) and dollar store. While looking for frames I tend to keep my eye out for ones with chunk and unique designs. The frame below is a perfect example of this! I love all of the details on this dollar store frame!

{2.} Once you've purchased your frames, you are ready to spray paint them to match! Most of my frames start out as gold, but with the glorious invention of spray paint they are now all pink. I lay out my frames in a well-ventilated area (a.k.a. garage or back patio) and start going to town with my can of spray paint. I tend to do about 2 or 3 coats, but it just depends on the desired color.

{3.} Now you are ready to hang them up! If you have a large undecorated wall, frames take up the perfect amount of space and are fun for guests to look at! My frame wall used to consist of this in my old apartment....
An honorary Jazz wall with all the pictures of me and Jazz players! It was a very fun way to add some personality to my wall :) This year I have changed them out to include some of my favorite photos. Whatever you decide to put in your frames is up to you, but whatever it is make it YOU!

Peace. I've gotta do some homework before the big RIVALRY GAME tonight!!! :) Woooo! Go Cougs!

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