Thursday, December 29, 2011

abc {2011} wrap-up

For a 2011 wrap-up I thought I'd do a little ABC in the life of Bee-Ritt. Here we go!

{A.} Age:
 {B.} Best memory of this year: Oh there were lots! I'd have to say my vacations were the most fun! I went to Arizona for MLB Spring Training, Disneyland with my family, lots of St. George trips, and my most recent vacay to Denver for the Bronco's game!
 {C.} Chore you dislike: I really hate doing the dishes. I'm hoping that my future husband won't mind doing them if I'm cooking the meals. ;) But for reals.
{D.} Dogs: I ♥ dogs. :) Especially my puppy Roxanne!
 {E.} Essential start to your day: I am totally a morning person and love getting up a half hour early to do whatever I can on my to-do list! I also love starting out each morning with a water bottle at about 8:00am.Why 8:00am? Who knows?
{F.} Favorite colors: Anything pink usually wins me over. Just check out my room.
 {G.} Greatest accomplishment: Being awarded Miner of the Year 2009 at my high school and starting Brielle Photography and Design!
{H.} Habits: Reading before I fall asleep, eating 2 gummy vites every night in bed, snapping my fingers while running up stairs (I don't know why I do this, but it drives me crazy!!).
{I.} Influential People: My parents, Oprah Winfrey, Stephanie Nielsen, Elizabeth Kartchner, Gordon B. Hinckley, Marjorie Hinckley.
 {J.} Job Aspirations: Ahhhh....I have so many ideas! Maybe open my own boutique, continue my photography and design business, be a school teacher, start my own preschool, own some type of business/store/bakery, goodness who knows! So many ideas and not sure which one I want to go for!
{K.} Kids:I cannot even wait to have kids. SOOOO excited! I've recently decided on 4 of their names...ready to hear them?! 
1st boy: Dallas 
2nd boy: Austin
1st girl: Mersadi 
2nd girl: Brielle ♥ 
{L.} Little things that make me happy: Helping people in need, getting/giving thoughtful gifts, sunsets, flowers, when someone says "Good morning" as you pass by them.
 {M}. Middle Name: Nicole
{N.} Nicknames: Britt, Bee-Ritt, Brizzle, Bee, Brittster, Turbo, B4, Burpee, Shawty. (haha jk about the last one, but I'm pretty sure everyone's someone's Shawty at one point or another.)
{O.} Oh, the Places I've Been!: Washington, Oregon, California, Canada, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, and Colorado. Pretty much have hit up the Western U.S.
{P.} Pet peeves: I've never had a pet named Peeve. ;)
{Q.} Quote: "Embrace yourself as you are. Celebrate yourself as you long to be!"
 {R.} Righty or lefty: Righty baby. Story time: When I was little I would always do things with my left hand and my dad forced me to be right handed because he doesn't like being a lefty. I'm pretty sure I was mean to be left handed though...
{S.} Six words to describe me: Determined, optimistic, strong-willed, happy, creative, adventurous. 
 {T.} Time you wake up: 6:30am for escuela or 8:30am on the weekends.
{U.} Underwear: Here's a little unknown secret about me --I love matching my underwear to my outfits! :) I also hate thongs. Ew gross nasty. Constant wedgie.
{V.} Vegetables you don’t like: Peas and cooked carrots
{W}. What makes you run late: Other people!! I am a psycho about being on time (aka 5-10 minutes early) to everything and I find myself only late if I'm going with other people.
{X.} X-rays you’ve had: On my foot after an intense church-ball injury. Boom baby.
{Y.} Yummy food you make:  Mama A's chex mix, s'mores cookies, rolo cookies, and banana bread.
 {Z.} Zealous Goals:  Visit every state in the U.S., create an inspirational book, be on the Oprah Winfrey Network, and visit Times Square!

And that's a 2011 wrap people! Now it's time to think of my 2012 resolutions, goals and dreams. 
I love this time of year where I am able to reflect, learn, and aspire!
Until next time.

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