Thursday, December 29, 2011

Swagbucks = FREE stuff!

Happy Thursday to all you bloggers out there!
I want to share with you a site that I have absolutely loved ever since I started using it last year called Swagbucks. is a free website where you accumulate "swagbucks" (SB) that you can use to buy prizes all for FREE!! No joke. All you do is spend 30 seconds each day going through the "SB routine" (as I call it) and using their search engine. DISCLAIMER: The search engine is not nearly as good as Google, but it is totally worth using every once in awhile to earn swagbucks.
Once you've accumulated enough swagbucks, you head over to the store to purchase whatever prizes you want. My favorite prize is the amazon gift card because then I can buy literally anything I want from for FREE. Did I mention this was all for free? Yeah, cool right!? 

If you aren't convinced enough yet, let me show you what I just recently bought with my saved up swagbucks...

That's right, I bought Rhianna! Okay not really, but I bought her perfume for absolutely FREE with my amazon gift cards!
If you want to become part of this money-makin website click on this link . Yes I do get my own swagbucks for you signing up through that link so please do it. :) I promise you won't regret it!

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