Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Live, Love, Breathe

 This past weekend one of my elementary school best friends took her last breath. Astra Lauren Waller passed away the day before my 21st birthday on October 22, 2011 from a hole in her lung. Astra fought against Cystic Fibrosis for her whole life here on this earth and we are now all at peace as she is able to breathe easier. Although we always lived in wonder when Astra's battle would end, we did not think it would end so unexpectedly and suddenly. Last night as I was talking to my mom and saying that I couldn't believe that we had no warning, she made a good point when she told me that maybe this was the best way for Astra to go. Although we did not get to say goodbye, she did not have to endure the sick weeks leading up to what we believed would be a slower process of her passing onto the other side. 

The past five days have been ones of heartache, fear, sadness, tears, hope, and faith. I learned so many valuable lessons from her funeral that I am going to reflect on tonight and will post later. As for now, here are some of my memories with little baby Stra.

 Best Friends!


Sleepovers at Astra's house were held weekly! We have so many fun memories goofing off, making videos, dancing, playing Donkey Kong,  eating Starbursts and EasyMac, and of course playing the SIMS!!! :)

It didn't matter that I was almost 2 feet taller than her at this age. :) Baby Stra!

I am so blessed to have known all of you girls in this picture and it is even better knowing that I still consider each and every single one of you to be my friends. So glad I got to see you all today.

I love how this picture shows all of our personalities!!

Dress ups and sleepovers!!

 I can't help but think of all the amazing things you are experiencing right now in heaven. Astra, thank you for teaching me how to get the most out of life and most of all for helping me realize that it is 100% okay to take a million pictures and post them on Facebook. :) I will miss seeing all of your adventures with you friends and family. Keep on living it to your fullest up there okay? I will miss you little Astra.

"Each of us has a spark of life inside us, our highest endeavor ought to be to set off that spark in one another." -Kenny Ausubel


  1. Britt I loved all of these pictures! So grateful for the gospel and the knowledge that we will see her again!

  2. I love that last quote by Kenny Ausubel. I love all of it Britt. Stra was there today and we truly will see her again.