Monday, October 17, 2011

Big day, big news!

Okay so it is now 11:16 and I have not sat down to do one ounce of homework yet, but hey I'm living large right now so homework is the last thing on my mind. Let me just insert my Facebook status from tonight to fill you in...
"I'M GOING ON AN AIRPLANE EVERYBODY!!!! My first airplane experience = a trip to Denver, Colorado for the Bronco's game on December 11th with my best friend Shalese Pace!!!! Yeah buddy!!" 

Do you now see why I might be a little bit excited tonight?! Yes my first plane ride. Ever. And my first NFL game!!! Crazy right? I'm super excited! :)

Just wanted to share. Off to do my homiework. (Yes, it's pronouned home-ee-work)

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