Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Day!

Hello there! It's Tuesday. Normally Tuesdays are my least favorite day of the week but not today!! Wanna know why? 

THIS IS WHY!!!! :)

I haven't been to a circus since I was little baby Britt and it's been on my bucket list to go!! Well last night I got a text from a girl's mom that I take care of on Tuesdays asking if I would take her to the Piccadilly Circus....UM H YEAH I WILL!! (excuse the "H" word. I'm super excited.) I've wanted to go to this circus ever since I saw it was coming to Orem, but i just brushed it off and totally forgot about it. Now I get to go!!!

I AM SO EXCITED PEOPLE! I love checking things off my bucket list! BOOYYAH! A full circus update to come later!

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