Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Special Place

I love football. Any kind. But especially high school football.

And especiallyespecially Bingham High School football. Let me tell you why...

The Black and Blue game is a big town rivalry that has grown so big that we now have it at The University of Utah's football stadium. My senior year of high school we had a "white out" for the game against Alta and totally rocked it. I mean c'mon, check out my outfit. A wife beater, bandanna, and a puffer jacket. Bomb.
Speaking of awesome outfits...check out this next one that I wore to a lot of games my senior year.

Tight little boy onezies that we found at ShopKo. Boom shaka laka baby! They were definitely a fan favorite and people took pictures of us in them. haha Good times for sure!
Football games were worth it no matter how freezing cold it got in November with the snow. Good thing we had lots of yummy tailgate food to keep us a tiny bit warm.
Now onto the love I have for the State games. Packing Rice Eccles with as much Bingham blue as we could was the coolest thing to see. I am a little bit of a big Bingham fan and Miss High School 100% so to see that many people coming out to support is awesome!!
At the beginning of every game the boys go out and do the Haka. It literally gives me chills anytime I hear the Haka.
All in all I love Bingham.
And I love Bingham football. A lot.
So let's go out there today and show 'em what we've got boys! Black and Blue rivalry game here we come!!! Wish I could go, but at least I can watch the end on TV...hopefully.

I'm shadowing the amazing Lindsey Orton tonight at a wedding ceremony and reception so hopefully it will go well! I am super excited to learn lots and get some more "in" knowledge of the photography scene. I'll definitely post about it when I get back!

Happy Saturday!

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