Thursday, August 25, 2011

Being a girl...

Tonight I am a total PMS girl 100%.

The roomies and I were making a delicious dinner, but I was craving chocolate so what did I do? I snuck in my room before dinner to eat half of a 100 Grand candy bar. Now it's after dinner I am still craving some brownies or Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Stupid chocolate. (Confession: I don't even really like chocolate that much.)

I really wish that girls did not have this thing called PMS. Or better known as "Pissed at Men Syndrome" (haha one of my favorite quotes from the movie Dear John and very appropriate sometimes.) Or maybe I'm just feeling like this because my little heart just hurts.

Anyways, my mom said that it's okay for me to feel sad like this for just one night. And maybe tomorrow night and the night after that. But I'll eventually get better :) I always do and life always works out! Yay for that statement. And yay for knowing that it's true!

Now I am going to put on some PJs, get my favorite blanket, grab a Butterfinger (because now after typing this post a Butterfinger sounds divine!!!), and watch a movie. Probably one that will make me cry, but I kind of need to cry and get it out. Sometimes I'm way to good at not letting my emotions out and other times I am an open book. Anything dealing with my reputation, my heart, or relationships seems to get buried in me and I suck at acting like a "girl" in those situations. So here we go. Off to a night of releasing my girl emotions. Wish me luck. And anyone who crosses my path because of the PissedatMenSyndrome I have. Au revior people.

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