Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mama Aurich ♥

I have been super grateful for my wonderful mom lately and since I want to always look back on this blog as a journal I figured I should do a post of how much I love her!!
Why is my mom the best? Let me tell you! ♥
1. She is Mama Aurich to more than just her 3 kids. My mom has reached out to so many of mine and my sibling's friends and been a mother figure in their lives as well as ours. She is genuinely interested in becoming close with those around her and always keeps her many "kids" in mind.Three of her many "kids" who call her mom in some form or another :)

2. She loves giving. My mom finds so much joy in doing things for others and finds ways to make service a daily part of her life. I am constantly being reminded as to how lucky I am when I hear her tell me a story of something she did during the day that is service oriented. This is one of the traits I hope to keep with me as I go through my day to day life. I want to reach out more to others and be a true friend through service.She loves making cute gift baskets and things for people. I found this adorable lunch box on the seat of my car one morning to congratulate me on being a teacher. She is so dang thoughtful all the time!!

3. Mama A is super funny. Holy smokes! Once you get her on a roll there's no stopping and she just gets funnier and funnier. Some of my favorites to remember are dancing at Camp Williams, the hotel room in Cedar, dance parties, "needs", oh and there are so so so many more!Dance parties are always a total hit with this lady as well. She can bust a move! Seriously!

4. Grandma, grammy, G-ma, Grandma Cupcake, Mi-Maw, and the most recent, "Grandma Gaga" (inspired by Lady Gaga) are just a few of the names we've tried giving my mom as she has become a grandma. Grandma Gaga (my favorite name so that's what we'll call her on this blog post) loves her grand kids so unbelievably much! I can't wait until my cute little kids get to meet this wonderful lady and get spoiled by all of her goodness. They are going to be dang lucky kids, just like I am.Proud Grandma Gaga reading a book to Kayden when he was a lil newborn. She loves him SO much.

5. My mom is the best because of what she's given me in life. She has paved a path of righteousness that I can follow throughout my life. She has been a transition figure in our family by providing a great life for her kids and I am forever grateful for this. She has such a strong testimony of the Gospel and teaches such powerful lessons that touch every one's life. My mom has always wanted the best for her children and that is what she's given us.The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

6. And last, but not least, I love my mom for the amazingly good genes she's given me! People always say we look a ton alike and I thank her for that.
Hahahahhahahah :) Thanks mom!
Just kidding :) But seriously, we do look a lot alike and I love it!

I love you mom!! On Mother's Day this year I said, "I wish we had at least four Mother's Days each year because Mom deserves to be honored more." My dad replied with, "Well you don't have to have a holiday to celebrate Mom." which made me realize that I should take out at least four days each year and treat them like Mother's Day. I want to buy her flowers, write her cards, leave special notes around the house and tell her how much I appreciate her because I mean it. I truly do.

Also this kid loves you more than he loved that Disneyland churro! :)
And don't forget about the dog who is sure to get kissed 100 times a day thanks to you! She most definitely loves you too!!

P.S. Please don't kill me for doing a whole post on you, but I really do love you and always want to remember how grateful I am for you at this time in my life! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING MOM!!! ♥

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