Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Good Day :)

Today was a good day. Just one of those straight up good days where I felt like I accomplished lots, had great health (I mean c'mon it's 1am and I'm not sleeping which means I'm feeling way better than usual! :) ), and now I feel happy going to bed! Here's what I did today:
7:25am: Wake up to some nice country music on my radio.
9:00am: Go to my summer math class & actually enjoy it.
11:00am: Go straight to work and have a semi good day. Earn lots of mula. Booyah.
4:00pm: See Jimmer Fredette & Jackson Emery outside the window of my work. Stand on a balcony and talk to him. Check off a goal in life: "Meet Jimmer Fredette in Provo". Face turns red cause I'm embarrassed. Love it.
7:15pm: Get home. Do math homework. Check Facey & blogs.
8:30pm: Work out at the gym
9:30 pm: Nice warm shower
10:20pm: See the Justin Bieber movie. Start to feel sick with a fever.11:35pmish: Watch the cute boy in front of me kiss his girlfriend on the forehead while Justin Bieber is singing "One Less Lonely Girl" in the background. I got butterflies. I can't wait for love. Seriously though, I can't wait. haha I'm ready :)
12:20pm: Get out of the movie and feel rejuvenated. NEVER SAY NEVER. I can do anything. Justin Bieber is a stud and I understand where the Bieber Fever comes from. You just can't walk out of that movie without respecting him and wanting to be a Bieber fan.
1:00am: Type up my wonderful day.
1:15am: Konk out. Goodnight!

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