Monday, May 9, 2011

Wish I could...

I wanted to post about Disneyland tonight but I have a rockin' headache and don't want to be on my computer much longer. Instead I'm thinking a bubble bath sounds nice except since I'm livin college style right now and the hot water doesn't last more than 5 minutes so I'll probably just end up taking a quick shower, jumpin in some warm PJs and konkin out early today.
[Okay here's a tangent real quick...I talk so so so bad! Like I mean my grammar. If there is ever a word that end in "ing" I turn it into just an "in". Take a look at my post so far...I have the words "rockin, livin, jumpin, and konkin". When did I ever start talking like that? haha Pardon my slang, but I kinda like it. :) It's me. 100%.]
Okay back to what I was saying. Before I end this post I just want to type up my "to-do posts" because now I am committed to writing them! Here they are:
1. Mother's Day and why I love mi madre ♥
2. My Future Husband...yes be excited for this one! ;)

The Happiest Place on Earth really is Disneyland! Yay! I loved it!
Okay that is all. My luxury cold shower is calling my name. Au Revoir!

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