Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bye Bye Facey!

I just deleted my personal Facebook account.
Why did I do this?
I was sick of getting on so much and having access to everything that was happening in the world of every second of my every day. That's all.

I've decided to do a "Facey Fast" and not use my person Facebook account for 1 week. (I am still online and will be posting from my Brielle Photography and Design Facey.) My hopes are that after a week I will see that when I have a second of down time I don't need to jump online to check the news feed or post a status that is completely irrelevant to my progression in life. I know that I will be back in the online social network world once the week is over and I'm not planning to delete Facebook from my life forever, but hopefully this week will teach me a lot and I will be able to go back to the days before Facey came long. The days when I read a book when I had 5 minutes of free time or I lied to down to relax instead of stare at a screen, or even when I made an actual phone call to see how someone was doing instead of reading online that they got a new job or are celebrating a birthday. (Crazy right? ;))

I'm not trying to say that Facebook is bad - I really do love it and am glad that we have this social network to stay in touch and keep up to date with people and events in our lives. All I'm needing is a break. A nice week long break to rejuvenate. Ahhh....I'm excited.

So here's to a week without Facey! CHEERS!

I'm not sure why I never shared this adorable picture of my puppy girl Roxi. ♥ Poor thing has to endure the occasional nail painting and dress ups she gets from her sisters and mama. haha At least she doesn't look like she's hating it too bad in this picture right? ;) What a cutie!

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