Friday, November 18, 2011


I need to go to bed. Like really bad. But first I want to jot down this quick memory from tonight! I was working at my job with a special needs girl and this was our conversation.

K: "I have a friend at school. His name is Ben!"
Me: "Oh that's great."
K: "Yeah but he can't talk." (Special Ed class I'm assuming.)
Me: "Well that's okay! I bet he communicates in lots of other ways besides talking."
K: "Yeah. But he can't even eat cupcakes!!" 

Hahaha I love how concerned she was not that Ben couldn't talk, but that Ben is not able to eat cupcakes. It taught me that I need to have more compassion for people and always realize that everyone is going through their own small challenges on a daily basis. I want to be compassionate towards the small issues like not being able to eat cupcakes just like "K" was tonight. I love my job and the {simpliest} but meaningful things I learn from these girls I work with. :) 

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