Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pre-Student Teaching: Round 2

 Somehow another semester has come and gone and I am now doing my "field experience" (aka mini student teaching) again! Whoa nelly slow down time!! I can't believe seriously how this semester whoooooshed right on by and now I am anxiously awaiting until 8:15am to meet my little 1st graders. These kids don't know what's about to hit them ;)

Here are some fun details from my field experience last semester...

Learning the constitution totally kicked my butt. I could now go on Jay Leno and ace Street Smarts though! :)

I got to go to my very first Parent Teacher Conferences as the teacher!

Day 1 of student teaching. Bags packed, tumache nervous, and I was ready to go!

 This beanie baby is ready for take off!

 Our 6th graders!

 This is what happens with Miss Aurich is in charge of an was supposed to make a picture of an eagle when it was all put together. WOOPS! :) :)
And in case you were wondering....these are how the 6th graders really acted ;)

Well I'm off to meet my little baby 1st graders! Wish me luck! :)

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