Thursday, November 24, 2011

November Pikchas!

 I haven't blogged much this month so I thought I'd do a quick pikcha (aka picture) update!

I started the month off with round 2 of field experience (aka student teaching for 3 weeks) in a 1st grade classroom! These little kiddos were so much fun and taught me a lot! :)

 Hanging out with old high school friends always brings back so many fun memories! 

 The boys are back! All  my brothers at Lincoln's blessing.

I went to an NBA charity game held at SLCC in Taylorsville and it was SOOO sweet!! It was a scrimmage game between Utah Jazz players and NBA players. Some of the hot shots there were Chauncy Billups, Wesley Matthews, Stephen Curry, and Jimmer Fredette.

 Me and my boy Wes Matthews!!!!! My favorite NBA player!

 Stephen Curry was SO nice! Super respectable.

 Okay I am obsessed with Slurpees lately!! Thanks to all my friends for coming on Slurpee runs with me. Yummmmmmy!

 Here are my little cute 1st graders!

 "Yeah I'm on the drum, yeah I'm on the snare drum." OBSESSED with his new Christmas CD!

My 1st hot chocolate of the season. Yummy!
 Lots and lots of baking lately!

 What a beautiful sunset!!!

 One of my best friends came home from his mission to Peru! 

I swear I go bowling at least twice a week lately. :)

Welp there's my November! Today is Thanksgiving and we had such a great day celebrating with our little family. :) I have so much to be grateful for and am glad we have a wonderful holiday to remind us of the blessings we have in life!!

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