Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Holy Etsy Updates!

 I just spent the last hour and a half updating my etsy store so go check it out yo! Look at all this new product too! Want to buy some? Go here. See something that you kinda like but want to change the colors or style around? Contact me and I can custom make any order!

I love love love love these colors on this fabric bib necklace!!

 Elastic Headband

 Feather Hair Clip

 Double Rosette Feather Hair Clip

 Feather Headband 

 My NEW version of the Brielle Chic pearl necklace!!! I absolutely LOVE it. What do you think?

 Halloween Accessories!!

Well there's some of my new stuff! Go check out more on my etsy!

I hope you had a happy Wednesday! I know I sure did because it was my day off and I got oodles and oodles of good relaxing things done! I also went to the DMV and renewed my license!! Woooo! That means that I'm almost 21! It also means that I don't have to look at that baby sized picture of me on my old license anymore! Hello new picture! Oh also, I woke up zit-free today which was great because I didn't want to my face to be a zit fair on the new license. It was a good day. Well I am about ready to go crazy from being on the computer this long so peace people.

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