Friday, October 7, 2011

Awesome & Awkward

 This Awesome && Awkward sesh is brought to you by yours truly on a Friday night while I'm all curled up in a hoodie, sweat pants and my turquoise robe.
 See there I am. Hello errrbody.

Awesome && Awkward features events from the past week that are just that....awesome and awkward.  Here we go!
  • Feeling inspired to really actually maybe be a teacher one day after I went to my classroom management class on Monday. Who knew that a little classroom music swap could get me so excited?!

  • Roommate bonding. This night included "I'll race to to see who can take a shower the fastest!!" (, blankets galore, and Time Traveler's Wife. And yes I fell asleep within the first 10 minutes. Typical.
  • Turning 21 means a new driver's license finally!!! And give me a hoo-rah for a zit free picture! Check out that comparison...definitely time to get a new picture. :) Oh also do you like my white out skills? haha I didn't want you all to stalk me in real life k?
  •  My gold sparkly nails are a total hit. I love 'em. 
  •  On Wednesday (my awesomebeautifulwonderfulamazing day off) I stayed cozy inside my apartment in my sweats with lots of yummy candles lit! Ahhhhh. My favorite thing in the whole world. Minus daybreak, kissing, and Zupas nuts about berries salad. Oh also Chili's mashed potatoes and gravy. Those are all good too. Okay now that that tangent is done, back to what I was saying about being cozy in my apartment...I got so much done on Wednesday I thought I was going to literally jump for joy. And I probably did come to think of it. I LOVE DAYS OFF TO GET STUFF DONE!
  • I found this video:

CUTEST THING EVER!! I can't wait until I am married and have a super fun family!!!!!!! My future kids don't know what they're getting themselves into with me as their mama! :) 
  • On Thursday night I had Rolo cookies for the first time. Crazy delicious.
  • I had my first pumpkin carving of the Fall 2011 season :) 

    Meet Mr. and Mrs. Skullandcrossbones

    • Why is that every time I wear heels to school or work everyone does a head turn to see who's walking down the hallway? Hello people it is just me. Not some hoochie mama wearing stilettos. Take a look and then remember that it makes me feel super awkward so please don't look in 5 minutes when I walk back down the hall mmkay? Thanks.

    • I feel like a 13 year old girl who gets excited when she doesn't have a new zit in the morning. When will this chin-acne go away!? Dr. Dermatologist please help me. 

    • It snowed. Need I say more except that is very awkward because it was only October 6th.
    •  I tried this new thing in my car where you put the seat all the way down and use your abs to hold you up while driving. It was a great idea until I got in the car and forgot my seat was down so when I got in my car I fell backwards. Totally awkward if anyone at Kohl's saw me.
    • When I see people I haven't seen for a long time, raise my hand in class, run into someone at a store, or talk to grown ups my face turns red. I am almost 21 why does my face STILL turn red when I talk to people? Awkward. I'm so ready to grow out of that stage. It's embarrassing. haha
    • I have a small pet named peeve. This peeve is why do boys think it's okay to mess up your hair? haha I mean c'mon it takes kinda a long time to do that super cool french-braid-turns-into-a-twist-and-bobby-pin-the-two-sides-together-in-the-back hair do. And then they just come up and give you a noogie. For reals? Haha After they mess it up everyone just kinda looks at you thinking, "Dang that sucks. Her hair looks super messed up now." And you have to keep calm and collected as you remove the bobby pins and try to figure out what to do with the mess on top of your hair.
    Okay I think those are all my awesomes and awkwards for this week! Now I'm off to go party it up at the Huge N Huge. A.K.A. Big party in Provo. It will be pumpin. Seeya!

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