Sunday, August 14, 2011

The BIG {10}

Brittany Nicole Aurich's {10} reasons why having a husband will be awesome.
They are not in any particular order.

{1}: I will always have someone by my side.
{2}: When it's time for bed I only have to say "goodnight" instead of "goodbye".
{3}: There will be someone to open the pickle jars when I can't.
{4}: I will have someone cute to look at.
{5}: He will teach me more about the gospel and myself each and every day.
{6}: Hugs && Kisses.
{7}: We will go on so many fun adventures together!
{8}: I won't be ridin solo in family pictures anymore.
{9}: I won't have to drive as much! YAY! I hate driving sometimes.
{10}: He will be mine for eternity. Woooooo!

So my adorable husband. Where are you out there? What are you doing right now? It is August 14, 2011. I am writing a blog about you trying not to be psycho and you are probably hanging out with your girlfriend or something ;) jk jk One day we'll find each other...and when we do, it will be awesome. That's all for now.

Oh P.S. it was suuuuuuuuuper hard only typing {10} reasons because I could go on and on about how fun it will be to have a husband. Yep, I'm excited. And again, my mother will hate this post since it's about marriage :)

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  1. Beeerit! We are twins! I love your reasons too :) We are both going to be happy campers when we finally find our true loves. Hope all is well cute girl!!