Saturday, August 13, 2011

The A.C. in St. Geezy!

When you find a good group of friends in college, you're pretty lucky! Our Adventure Crew started this summer with a bunch of people in my ward at we've had a lot of fun! A couple weeks ago as we were driving back from cliff jumping the guys thought of the idea to go to St. George the next weekend! None of us had any trouble getting out of work so on Friday night we headed to the hot Southern Utah sun! :)

Here is the Adventure Crew van with all our names on it.

We left about 2 hours later than we thought...haha typical.

We got into St. George at about 11:30 and hit the hay so we were all ready to get up in the A.M. for some time at the lake!

Good morning Adventure Crew! Day 2 boating at Sand Hallow :)

That's what's up baby!! I got up wakeboarding on my very first try! I was super excited as you can see :) Now I have the craving to go wakeboarding again and again and again.

Even though Chan couldn't walk, she came along for the weekend trip and was a great hop-along! We love Channy Pants!

Britt && Mark

Aaron, Courtney and Dusty stayed strong on that tube for most of the ride!

We'll be postin up!

Great day at the lake for all of us!

Next, we went to Skinny Man's Crack and hiked through these two super close rocks. One of the guys was claustrophobic so this was quite the adventure for him.

After Skinny Man's we hiked up to Dixie Rock and enjoyed the good St. Geezy view.

On Sunday morning we got up super early to go hiking in Zion's National Park.

At the top of Angel's Landing! Super hard and rewarding hike. Loved it!

After the hike we went to some hidden pools in Zions for a little cliff jumping and relaxing.

This picture of Mark and Aaron jumpin in the water is one of my favorites! What are the chances that Nellie would've taken this picture at the exact split second that Aaron was landing in the water?! Super crazy to me.

After a waaaaaaay fun weekend, we headed back to Provo! I love the Adventure Crew and am so glad that we are able to go on so many fun adventures together! THIS IS WHERE THE PARTY'S AT!

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