Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What makes you {smile}?

If you don't already know from this post, my mom is amazing. She is so giving and selfless and I have been superextremely blessed to have her as my mother. Last Friday night we went to a scrapbook party, got lots of cute stuff (for practically free thanks to this lady named Brandy!), ate sicknasty McDonalds (that chicken nugget happy meal && new rolo shake were good at the moment, but definitely made me super sick afterwards) and shopped at Hobby Lobby! I love that we both share the same creative mind and think it's fun just to walk around craft stores even if we have nothing to buy...although we always end up buying something :)

Anyways, while we were hanging out she suddenly blurted, "Okay I was going to wait, but I just have to give this to you now!" I was driving at the time so I looked over at her anxiously grabbing a stinkin' cute present out of her purse. She bought me the cutest air freshener ever. Seriously. I thought my Utah Jazz air freshener that my old high school boyfriend bought me was the shizzzz, but this one tops it. Take a look!
"live the life you love." ♥

But that's not all she got. She handed me this book and my current favorite candy and said, "Don't read it now, but every single page reminded me of you." I was super curious so I looked at the title and it read What Makes You Smile? Once I got home and read this book I was in love. Every page mentions simple things that make you smile.

Here are some of my favorites:
1. new notebooks
2. a challenge
3. photo booths
4. drawings done in sidewalk chalk
5. a massage
6. feeling appreciated
7. trick or treaters
8. a new box of crayons
9. being there for someone else
10. i could go on and on and on and on...

Which is exactly what I did! The last page of the book is lined with space to write and says, "What makes you smile?" So I decided to make a wall print that describes some of things that make me smile! Check it out!

{yellow & grey}
{purple & olive}
{orange & pink}
{pink & green}
{robin's egg & blue}

I have posted this item in my etsy shop if you are interested! I can also always customize the colors to your preference.

I am so grateful that my mom gave me this book because I love having moments of reflection where you can sit back and think about life and all the wonderful things it has to offer! Although we sometimes get down on ourselves, have struggles, feel alone, or sad, this life is beautiful. And I really believe that. I hope you do too!
Have a great Tuesday! I get to go see my "nephew" who was born last Friday for the first time today! I say "nephew" because it is my brother's best friend's baby, so I technically am not related to this lil guy, but technically I am. ;)

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