Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spiritual Wisdom

Today in Sacrament Meeting a kid stood up and gave such a good insight to the movie The Last Song. (side note: he kept referring to Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana and it made me crack up.)

But anyways, most of you have probably seen the movie and if not just pretend you have because it's a way good show. So at the part when Miley decides to stay with her dad instead of go back to New York she finds a huge box of letters that her dad wrote to her. She never responded to any of these letters and they ended up sent back to her father somehow. (I don't remember the exact details on how they got returned.) Seeing these unread letters made Miley realize that she was not always the best daughter and it made her feel so bad that she never responded to her dad. In comparison to us, this kid in my ward asked how often do we receive letters from our Father and send him back an empty reply? Our Heavenly Father is constantly writing us letters to lead, guide, and direct us through life and we sometimes ignore his letters and think we can handle it on our own. Or sometimes he might send us a letter asking us to be the answer to someone else's prayer and instead of reading it, we just send it right back because we are too busy to open it right now.
I absolutely loved this spiritual insight to a movie that I've watched multiple times and never thought once about. So thank you to the British guy in my ward. Thanks for sharing your testimony of the Gospel and making my life better.

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