Friday, July 8, 2011

{Shabby Chic Bracelets}

Braids are in.
Bracelets are in. Especially in the summer when they line your arms.
So how about we combine the two for my new {Shabby Chic Bracelets}! ♥

My favorite blogger {Elizabeth Kartchner} posted this "toot" on her blog yesterday so I wanted to try it out and I fell in l♥ve. Go check it out! If you have any scraps of fabric lying around, make a few of these bracelets to add some vintage flair to your wrist. Here's what I made!

Since I know that not all of you have random scraps of fabric lying around, I've decided to sell these "friendship bracelets"! You will receive two {shabby chic bracelets} perfectly packaged in the mail for only $2.00 + shipping.

{note: they call them friendship bracelets, but I think that these are super cute to be worn together instead of sharing ;) You are more than welcome to give one to your best buddy or keep both to adorn your wrist! Shhhh...i won't tell :)}

If you would like to buy a pair of these beauties you can contact me in the following ways:
{1}: purchase it on my etsy shop
{2}: email
{3}: write on my facebook wall/message me

Be sure to tell me how many you would like to order! {remember you receive 2 per package} These bracelets would be a great, affordable, and very unique present to give to someone just because. Or maybe for a summer visiting teaching present? Or maybe for a friend's birthday? Or maybe just because you want one? Or maybe you don't need a reason, just buy one!

Lots of Friday night love,
Brielle ♥

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