Monday, July 25, 2011

Round Two of {7} Things...

I did this {7} Things post a little over a month ago and I really liked it because it was a quick way to reflect on life so I thought I'd do it again! :) Here we go!

{seven things}
{1} thing i am currently excited about:
+ Lagoon Day in approximately 24 days.

{2} things i'm currently wishing for:
+ football season
+ Monday night to come :)

{3} tv shows that are diminishing my productivity this week:
+ The Bachelorette
+ .........?
+ .........? (I don't really watch TV lately)

{4} things i'm grateful for today:
+ The Up! house in Herriman
+ Going to church on Sundays
+ My family
+ Happiness

{5} songs I'm listening to today:
+ Skyscraper by Demi Lovato
+ What If by Colbie Caillat
+ Rain Is A Good Thing by Luke Bryan
+ Umbrella by Boyce Avenue
+ Tiny Dancer by Tim McGraw

{6} things I should be doing right now that I'm not:
+ Going to bed
+ Folding my laundry
+ Reading my scriptures
+ Painting my nails
+ Texting Mark back
+ Taking a shower

{7} promises to myself for next week:
+ Go to the temple
+ Write 2 cards for my resolution
+ Figure out where I am working once school starts
+ Work out more than once...haha
+ Help Olivia with any wedding/moving stuff that she needs
+ I will do everything I can to get out of giving a talk on Sunday and if that doesn't work, I will suck it up and give it.
+ Try something new that I have never tried before!

And now for my favorite song of the moment: What If by Colbie Caillat

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