Monday, June 13, 2011

{7} things

I stole this idea from my friend Lauren's blog because I loved it so much!

{seven things}

{1} thing i am currently excited about:
+ that the Mav's just won the NBA finals!!

{2} things i'm currently wishing for:
+ a cute boy (i've even got my dad in on wishing for this one! haha)
+ that i didn't have to go to school in the morning. summer + school = worst idea ever

{3} tv shows that are diminishing my productivity this week:
+ the NBA finals
+ the bachelorette
+ the new extreme weight loss show on after the bachelorette.

{4} things i'm grateful for today:
+ a super fun weekend trip to st. george
+ basketball
+ friends & family
+ wallflowers from bath and body works

{5} songs I'm listening to today:
+ kiss me slowly: parachute
+ just a kiss: lady antebellum
+ overboard: justin bieber feat. miley cyrus
+ next to you: chris brown feat. justin bieber
+ simple as: kid kudi

{6} things I should be doing right now that I'm not:
+ going to bed...i have to wake up for school. booooo.
+ studying for my math test on tuesday
+ doing my math homework
+ reading my scriptures
+ writing my friend a card to send while she's away
+ telling my family that I love them because I don't do it enough

{7} promises to myself for next week:
+ go to the temple
+ write 2 cards & send them in the mail
+ talk to each member of my family just because
+ endure my math class (only 2 more weeks bee - you can do it!!)
+ go grocery shopping
+ make some sort of treat
+ call my visiting teachees

the end.

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