Saturday, June 18, 2011

DIY Fabric Flower Shirt ♥

i ♥ to make my own shirts.
today i bought a super cute skirt from forever 21 but didn't know what to wear with it since the pattern was kind of overpowering. i decided to just wear a plain t with the skirt, but wanted to add a lil spice. this is what i came up with.
likey? me also.
here's a diy tutorial so you can make your own shirts too!

{1}. buy a plain t shirt. forever 21 has the cheapest plain shirts! check it out - $3.50!

{2} next i made the flowers for the shirts. i used this flower tutorial no. 2 for some of my flowers so check it out! it's super easy and i decided to link the 'toot' instead of re-explaining it.
below is a description of how I made the larger flowers.
-cut a 2 in. strip of fabric.
-weave in and out of your fabric sewing the stitch close to the bottom as seen below.

- pull the string all the way through every so often to cinch the fabric.
-continue to do these 2 steps until you reach the very end of your strip.
- now you have a cinched flower waiting to bloom!
-fan the flower out and play with it until it looks just right.
-next glue the beginning and end strips together to form your final product.
-embellish with a center piece to cover any holes or imperfections.
(note: on my final product, i switched the big red embellished flower to a blue one :) if you're paying super close attention, i didn't want that to confuse you.)

{3}. once you've created all the flowers you want for your shirt go ahead and pin them where you want on the shirt.
**tip: it helps to try the shirt on and place the flowers while you are actually wearing the shirt because then you can see exactly where the flowers will lie. i end up pinning and repining about a thousand times until i find the combo that i like the best.
{4}. now that you've pinned your flowers, go ahead and sew them onto the shirt! i'm not a professional seamstress by any means so my shirts end up looking super messy from the inside but hey, nobody sees the inside anyways so it's all good! :)
{5}. wear it happily ♥

**washing tip: once you've sewed the flowers on to the shirt be super careful not to wash the shirt like normal. for instance, with this shirt i'm almost 100% sure that if i washed it normally, the blue and red flowers would bleed onto my white shirt. this would not be cool. another reason why you shouldn't wash it normally is because the flowers will shrink (trial and error people) and get messy. in order to still keep good hygiene while wearing these fashionable tee's i've been using these:
all you have to do is cut one of the dry cleaning sheets in half and put it in the dryer with your shirt! voila! a clean shirt without using water!

now go on and try this for yourself people! these shirts are so much fun to make and they're SO original! i get so many compliments every time i wear one of my hand created shirts.
good luck and if you have questions don't hesitate to ask me! :)
happy sewing.


  1. I think that you did an AWESOME job designing this fun T-Shirt but I wouldn't trust myself to make one - you seem to have the knack of making everything look so good!!! I am glad that you gave the link for the flowers. I often thought how fun it would be to whip up a few for myself. Thanks for sharing and am enjoying your talents!

    Auntie Connie

  2. Thanks Connie! It really is super easy to make and they're so fun and original! :) I hope you all have a great Father's Day!