Friday, June 3, 2011


This morning I was reading a little article in the Ensign (while I ate my oh-so-delicious Lucky Charms) about happiness. It talked about what happiness is and how we can gain it. I believe that it is through our choices and our actions that we can be happy! Sometimes we say, "Oh I'll make it through this eventually." or "One day it will be better." or "I can't wait until ________." Instead of using these phrases (which I sometimes use :\) I want to be more proactive and "enjoy more and endure less". Why should we endure these hard times when we can make choices to enjoy each and every day? ♥
I recently quit a job that I felt like I was constantly enduring and was given an amazing opportunity to work at a Special Needs Summer Camp. Because of my choices, I am now working in an environment where I can enjoy life!
Be brave.
Make those choices that, although sometimes difficult, will help you to enjoy life! :)

One last piece of advice that I've learned on my journey throughout life: Make a daily journal and record your happiest and funniest moment from that day! I have done this on and off for the past 2 years and it really makes you realize that there is something great in every day you live. I just purchased a small yearly calendar in the dollar section at Target and keep it by my nightstand to remind me to jot down my memories of each day!
Trust me, this really works and helps you enjoy life.
Give it a try. I promise it works. Love today! ♥
If you've never been to my Project {365} blog, head on over! :)

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