Wednesday, April 20, 2011


There's this free program called Swagbucks where you can earn free stuff by accumulating points and it is SOOO worth it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Swagbucks because I love getting free stuff! :)
Here's a simple explanation of what is it. You do different things online to earn "swagbucks" (it's like a point system) and then with your swagbucks you are able to redeem prizes. (The best prize I'd say is the amazon gift card. I'm trying to save up enough gift card money for my books next semester. Yay! So far I've earned $20 for absolutely free!!!) To earn swagbucks you can do the following:

-Take the daily poll (1 SB): Once a day adds up! You could earn 30 SB a month just for voting :)

-Do the NOSO trail (2 SB): This is a random thing where you just say "skip" every time an advertisement comes up and then at the end you get 2 SB

-Click on Trusted Surveys (1 SB): You do not have to actually do the survey, just click "Trusted Surveys" and you are a winner of 1 SB :)

-Do the surveys (SB vary but can add up!): I've only done the trusted surveys a couple times because I rarely qualify for them, but they can earn you a lot of swagbucks.

-Search the Swagbucks search engine: This is a lot like a Google search engine, but it's cooler because you are randomly rewarded for using the search engine with swagbucks! A lot of the time they give out 7 or 10 swagbucks (the other day I earned 50 SB which was awesome!!). If you use your search engine multiple times a day this is where a lot of your points will come from! :)

-Download the Swagbuck toolbar (1SB randomly): It gives me a swagbuck once or twice a day just for having the toolbar!

-Online Purchases: I don't know much about this. I did buy a gift certificate off of here one time because it was cheap and it gave me like 250 SB! Totally worth it. Also If you are a "Groupon" user you can buy your Groupon deals from the Swagbucks site and earn Swagbucks as well as purchase your awesome Groupon deal :) But like I said, I don't know much more than that. For more info go here.

-Swagbucks TV (SB Vary): This is a super lame TV thing where you earn a percentage with every video you watch and then once you reach 100% you get only like 5 swagbucks. Totally not worth it. But if you're bored, might as well. Every SB adds up!! :)

I know there are some other ways to win too, so you should go to this website for some awesome tips and more explanation from Melea - watch the video! It will help! :)

I would totally recommend that you do this program! Please let me know if you have any questions! :) Please use this link to sign up because then I earn some bonus points too :)


Oh P.S. This whole program is free too, so there's nothing to lose! Just money to be made! Wooooo! :) Have a good Wednesday! I will be back later with an update post on life. I've missed blogging this week. :( See ya soon!

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