Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lists of {15}

It is now April 15th (well technically since it's past midnight we're at April 16th, but the day doesn't change unless you go to bed right?) and I have had one of the craziest months ever. I just wrote a personal journal entry to vent and now I am ready to post the {15 best} and {15 worst} things about the past {15fifteen15} days! Let's start with the worst so we can end with the best!

{ T h e w o r s t 15}

1. My student teaching field experience ended.

2. I had to go back to real college classes.

3. The first day of my new job was rough.

4. I am not going to Alabama anymore.

5. I cried.

6. I bit my nails on accident.

7. I was left a voicemail telling me the bad news...

8. ...and he didn't have the courtesy to call me back.

9. I cried some more.

10. My car was splashed with white cement/water that is still all over my car after going through a car wash. It.Won't.Come.Off.

11. I found out about her.

12. I was too scared to talk to him.

13. I couldn't believe that I was placed with her and we both know him.

14. I forgot to call Michelle back and felt like a jerk-o.

15. I was on breakdown mode during Sunday dinner and cried some more.

{ T h e b e s t 15}

1. I had a lot of fun during field experience with my 6th grade class!

2. I was offered a dream job.

3. I wore cute outfits with big flowers in my hair.

4. My family was supportive.

5. My friends were supportive.

6. My 6th grade class and cooperating teacher threw me a tiny surprise party when I left.

7. The "after field homework" is coming right along smoothly.

8. My car got splashed with white/cement water and I was cracking up the whole time it was happening with my windshield wipers going 100 miles a minute just so I could see and drive past the big semi.

9. I planned a super fun road trip to Alabama with my best friend.

10. I got a new job that pays well.

11. I met Stephen Covey. Yes the real famous one. He's amazing.

12. I was blessed with good health.

13. I was blessed with a positive outlook in the times of trial.

14. I went to the temple.

15. I took a bike ride in the rain.

Phewf. Now that I got all of that out I think I can move on. I have a positive outlook on how the rest of the month will turn out because quite honestly it's been rough goings the past 15 days. I'm ready for some consistency and kinda overwhelmed with all these changes. But....come what may and love it :) I'm ready.

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  1. Come what may and love it... that's all you can do :) Love you Britt!