Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where did the {name} come from?

As I sit here on a Wednesday night I feel overwhelmed. So much to do. But I also feel accomplished. So much already done. But I'm taking a break! I am laying here on the couch watching When In Rome {which I think is a really stupid movie bytheway} just relaxing. Ahhh. It feels so nice! I've been wanting to blog about the name {brielle} for a while so now's my chance!
A little over a year ago I started this adventure of brielle photography and design and it has sure been a great year! How did I come up with the name brielle for my small adventure you might ask? Well here's the story! As I started getting more and more feedback on my facebook post about my necklace, I decided I needed some organization and the first step was to come up with a name! For a couple days I thought of cute names and brielle kept sticking to my mind. My mom and friend thought I should maybe stick to a practical name of Brittany Aurich Photography, Photography by Brittany, etc., but I wanted something more original. That week I had the opportunity to attend Ronnie Price's Hall of Fame Induction at Utah Valley University and lo and behold Ronnie Price's cute little daughter was named Brielle!!! This totally sealed the deal for me! I knew right then that I would put the name brielle into my little photography and design adventure! And that's how it all began! :) I want to thank all of you who follow my brielle adventure! I have future goals to expand to larger horizons, but for now I am very content with where I'm at. School. College. Life. It all keeps me busier than ever. The future is as big and bright as you make it and believe me, I'm dreamin' big! Thank you everyone! And here's a happy thought.

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