Thursday, March 24, 2011


I have a blogger question for everyone...I want to start "following" all of your blogs so..... please leave me a comment with your blog address! :) Whether I know you or not, please leave your addy so I can get to know you! I want to feel a little sense of who's out there in the blogosphere. :) I am also thinking of doing a little giveaway to the "followers" of my blog. So far I think we have or seven followers..... :) THANK YOU! Let's spread the brielle love!
Also if you have never heard this song Pray by Justin Bieber, you should definitely go listen to it. I practically cried when I watched it the first time. This is one of the songs I can stick on repeat and be totally fine with it. Among that list are the following songs:
  • I Do - Colbie Caillat
  • Marry Me - Train
  • Stay Here Forever - Jewel
  • Little Miss - Sugarland

Ahhhhh how I love those songs :) Alright time to start leaving me your blog addresses ladies and gentlemen. Mostly ladies.
Get to it! ♥


  1. Britt I swear... sometimes I think we are twins! We are so similar. love your blog, love you!

  2. Eh you are cute.

  3. Brit I have been blog stalking you today because it has been a couple of weeks since I've seen your stuff and it's always a good time looking at what you're coming up with next. Sorry to hear about your latest disappointing experiences. I know how that is. Chin up and Heavenly Father does have a plan for each of us, I can attest to that. Anyway, love ya! Hope all is well.