Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Na, na, na, na...hey hey hey goodbye.

I have been dreading this post for quite some time now which is why I have delayed actually publishing it, but now is finally the time. I am sad, yet excited at the same time because I have to put Brielle Photography and Design on hold for a bit. I will still be selling items in my Etsy shop but have recently shot my last photography session until further notice.

All my life I have strived to be the very best that I can possibly be and push myself to great heights. It was such a remarkable journey to start this hobby-turned-business at the young age of 18 and I have had such a great 3 years spreading the Brielle love. I have now pushed myself to even greater heights in my college field of study and received an internship as a 2nd grade teacher. I will now proudly gain the title of Miss Aurich for the next 12 months and am SO excited to do so. :) Know that I do not see myself leaving Brielle Photography and Design forever - I will just place it on "hold" for the next year (ish) until I have my feet back on the ground running again. As for now, I am happily enjoying the title of Miss Aurich and the wonderful 19 kids that come along with it! :)

I would like to thank all of my wonderful clients, friends, family, and followers for the great journey and hope to see you all again soon in the blogosphere! Keep dreamin' big people!

Many warm wishes and thanks,

Brielle Photography and Design