Monday, April 16, 2012

Double Take

Last January when I was shopping with my friends I saw this outfit on a huuuuuuuge poster in a store and thought, "I want to mimic that outfit." Now, normally I would have just looked at it, thought it was cute, and moved on with my life, but instead I fell in love with all the pieces and took a picture to remember it. As I've gone shopping the past few months I haven't been specifically seeking out these pieces, but they've been in the back of my mind until the whole thing finally came together!

Compared to the wind blown model jumping on an invisible trampoline I look sketchy, but
I'm cool with it. :) haha Here's how it all came together:

{1}. Hat: I found this steal for $1 at Rue21. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I said $1. I ran in to buy some pearl jewelry and as I was leaving I saw a bin on the ground with a large $1 sign so of course I had to stop and check it out. Boom baby - just the hat I've been looking for!

{2}. Shirt: Okay can you say closetotheexactsameshirtwithoutitreallybeingthesame? Did you catch that? ;) I was browsing through the loads and loads of random clothes at Ross and I saw this and started freaking out! It was the only one and guess the price...? $6.99! Yep, totally perfect!

{3}: Pants: American Eagle distressed skinny jeans - got them forever ago.

{4}: Shoes: Target - also got them forever ago.

And that's how it all came together! I have learned that if I see a mannequin or photo of an outfit I want, I should always take a picture and work towards finding all the pieces for loads cheaper than they would have been in the store! Time to start Pinteresting some more outfits! :)