Monday, March 12, 2012


I said I wasn't going to continue the monthly-daily photo challenge, but when March 1st came and I saw people instagramming their photos I just had to join in for another month. :) Later tonight (while I'm watching the Bachelor finale - even though the tabloids have totally leaked who won...ugh...sigh.) I will post my photos from March 01-07. If you want to join in on #marchphotoaday feel free to jump in!

Also stay tuned for my pictures of the {March 12 Daily Dozen} photo challenge that I posted about here! All of these photo challenges are a lot of fun because even though I take 687123505402 pictures a day, it is great to have a purpose in mind when capturing the moments of my everyday life.

Happy Monday everyone.
P.S. I started teaching 3rd graders today and they ROCK!
Like seriously, I picked the best grade to do my student teaching
in and I am so excited for the next three weeks of "pre-student
teaching field experience".
You can now refer to me as Miss Aurich. 
Kay thanks. :)

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