Sunday, March 18, 2012

Daily Dozen & It's Super Late!

 I just realized that I am super late with posting my {Daily Dozen} photo challenge from last week! Woops! This week has been beyond busy and I am in a transition mode trying to accomplish everything coming my way while still trying to stay a float. We all have weeks like that right? Sigh. Hopefully this week I can find time to accomplish everything ahead and still find time to relax. Ahhhh... :) With no further ado, here are my {12} pictures from Monday, March 12, 2012! Enjoi.

 {1.} 6:27...time to get up!
{2.} Puppy girl does not like 6:27am. She looks a little sleepy! :)

 {3.} First day in my new teaching classroom for UVU Field Experience. I love the 3rd graders!
{4.} Miss Aurich sitting back at my desk during lunch.

{5.} I paid a visit to the house I grew up in. I love that house and all it's memories!!
{6.} Out for a run on a beautiful evening!

 {7.} These were my running shoes at the beginning of the day.
{8.} And these were my new running shoes by the end of the day! Thank you Kohls for awesome deals!!

 {9.} Me and my sista sista.
{10.} Easter candy has flooded our house!

{11.} I went to Kohls for a pair of slacks and came out with a pair of slacks, white skinny jeans, a swimsuit, new running shoes plus a free $10 credit to buy even more later this month. I sometimes get nervous when I think about how good of a shopper I am...what an expensive hobby! Jeez Louise!
{12.} Through the entire day I had a massive headache and by the end of the night I was dunzo and ready to go to bed.

Well there it is! My {12 on Twelve}! Now I am off to get my week organized and a few things accomplished before I go to bed. Cheers to a happy Sunday night!

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