Monday, December 26, 2011

Denver Trip

    According to my blog I'm still flying on an airplane to Denver...shoot I've been bad at updating my blog lately! :( Here's a fun recap of my awesome trip!

Day {1}: Airplane day! :)

We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare so we spent a good hour and a half sitting at the terminal waiting to board. I absolutely loved soaking it all in though! Not to mention that people watching at an airport is interesting - I sat there wondering exactly where these people came from, where they were going, and what kind of lives do they live?

Riding on an airplane was amazing!!!!! Looking out the window at this was definitely awe-inspiring. 

My cute aunt and cousins waiting for me in Denver!

Friday night we hit up the Colorado University vs. Wyoming basketball game in Boulder, CO.

And then we tried to go clubbing on Pearl Street with no luck. How are two Utah girls supposed to find a pumpin club in the middle of winter when they have no idea where they are? haha Major fail.

We came home to cute presents on our bed with matching Christmas pajamas from my aunt. :)

Day {2}: Play Day
We woke up bright and early for Little A's soccer game! He was so much fun to watch because he would just run around the field and wave to us! haha So cute!

Then we went shopping in Westminster, CO and got some jewelry, purses, and clothes!

To end the night, we saw New Year's Eve which I LOVED x 100 even though the ratings only gave it a 6%. haha

Day {3}: Game Day!

We got to the game super early and soaked up the hot December sun! But seriously, it was SOOO nice outside!! When we booked this trip in October I was really worried about the weather for the December 11th game, but it turned out perfect!

The food was delish and the sun was mega bright.

We couldn't have asked for a better game!!! Well maybe if the Broncos would have actually scored in the first 3+ quarters it would've been better, but what an AMAZING ending! So glad we could celebrate with all the insane, drunk, nappy Denver fans. :)

And of course the day wouldn't be complete without a Dairy Queen run. (An FYI for all you readers - my uncle owns a few DQs in Colorado which = free unlimited DQ for us!) I have never eaten so many hot dogs and smoothies in 3 days....haha DELISH.

I had so much fun getting to know my two youngest cousins!! We played lots of "rocket", "chase", and "house".

Day {4}: The trip comes to an end. :( Thank you to my Aunt and her family for being so nice to us the entire time!!! You spoiled us waaaaay to much! Love you guys!

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