Sunday, November 6, 2011


thank.ful [thangk-fuhl] adjective feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative.

I am thankful this week for...

-my mom's all out Halloween parties
-the knowledge of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and knowing that heaven is real
-my smiley nephew
-the special needs girls I take care of
-my two jobs & business
-rolo cookies.....ummmmm baby.
-amazing Christmas music by Justin Bieber
-catching up with my "older brother" SBO boys
-reliving an old pastime at the BYU soccer fields
-delicious fast food to fill my tumach when I don't know what to make for din din
-the a.s.s. and johnny show and the amazing boys who serenaded us with their guitars :)
-a late night slurpee & banana run with my friends because I had a "tote" craving
-saying the word "totes" and having everyone be way annoyed ;)
-late night card games with my best friends
-family and the close relationship we have with my brother's friends
-my mom offering to help me plan my 11/11/11 party
-my sister wanting me to come sit by her and my nephew at church
-talking to my sister on the phone in double dutch
-my health
-my safety and protection
-my family's safety and protection
-my warm cozy bed
-my little first grade class always giving me hugs out of the blue

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