Friday, July 22, 2011


So sometimes I get in a mood when I think about my future and it makes me SO excited for what lies ahead :)

First, I am so excited to get married and have a best friend that I never have to say goodnight to. ;) I just imagine how fun it will be to always have a constant buddy to talk to, laugh with, go on adventures with, and look out for. I know that marriage isn't pure bliss, but I am very excited for the good and not so good times that accompany that time of life!

Next, I am crazy excited to be a mom. There are a few blogs that I've come across from moms of little ones who share their journeys of motherhood and I seriously can't wait for that time of my life. (Well, actually I can wait...and plan on waiting or else my Papa John would kill me. ;)) Anyways though, I have such a strong desire to be a mom and hope that I will have the amazing privilege of being a mom to beautiful little girls and handsome little boys. The day that I hold my first child in my arms will be the most powerful day of my life and I am so excited!! I used to think that I just wanted a few kids until I went to one of my friend's farewell talks and saw the cutest family of 7 kids. It made me rethink the role of a mother and I don't think that I quite want 7 kids, but how fun would it be to have a big family?! :) One of my favorite things to do at night when I'm saying my prayers is to ask Heavenly Father to please tell my kids hi for me :) I know it might sound cheesy, but I think about them throughout the day and I just want them to know that I already love them and can't wait until I'm their mom :) Part of me gets really nervous when I think about the complications of pregnancy and the different medical issues I have been faced with, but I just hope everyday that I will have the wonderful blessing of having kids. ♥

This is a super super super random blog post, but it's been on my mind and since this blog is a journal I felt like I should type my thoughts up. One day I hope to look back on this day and smile :) As for now, I have a lot less to worry about. Like whether or not I'm going to wake up early to go to the gym or sleep in an extra hour :) Or if I should pack now or in the morning before work for my weekend trip home. Or if I should put a picture on this post or just go to bed. Here's what I've decided: No I'm not going to wake up early for the gym :) I think I'll just pack in the morning. And no pictures this time, I'm ready for bed! Goodnight! ♥

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