Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let's be real...

I am more bummed right now than I have been in a very long time. Here's the deal. I was supposed to move to North Carolina and Alabama in a month for the entire summer. Big news right!? Yeah surprise everyone!

I got a job offer with an amazing company who would pay me good money to work for them, pay for my housing, gas and transportation and I would have an amazing summer traveling, playing, laying out and exploring! I have been re-arranging my life in order to make this work and up until now it has fit in perfectly...too perfectly.

Well last night I wrote a HUGEmassiveVERYlarge blog post about the series of events that led up to me getting this job and how blatantly obvious it was for me to accept the job and go on this life-changing journey, but I had a feeling that I should wait until today to post it because my manager had to work out one more detail to get me hired and I didn't want to spread the news just in case. Well that "just in case" came true because I just got a voicemail from my manager and guess what. Oh no big deal Britt you can't be hired anymore. Just go on with your life like it's no big deal. Wait it is a big deal. I sold my housing contract in Provo, was freakishly excited to move to the east coast, starting thinking of all the things I needed to do within a month to move, called around to car shops for them to fix my car, and not to mention once again how freakishly excited I was for this.

I. Am. Bummed.

Like a lot.

I guess I need to take my own advice of my previous post and remember, "Your future is a bright as your faith." Although this seems like the suckiest moment, I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for what I need to be doing in life and for some reason He wanted me to prepare to move to Alabama, but really there are bigger and better things ahead of me this summer...hopefully. Bring it on - I'm ready :) I am bummed, but ready. And because a post isn't fun without a picture take a look at this series I put together about a year ago and never finished. It's called "Happiness is..."

Oh how I wish so badly that I was still moving to the east coast. :(

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