Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good Day Sir.

Hello amigos, amigas, friends, neighbors, familia, and fellow bloggers. Top of the mornin' to ya! It is 2:00 a.m. and I have no idea why I am still awake. I took a "nap" tonight when I watched The Last Song (it is just simply impossible for me to stay awake during a movie unless I'm cuddling with a boy - - which I most definitely didn't do tonight) so maybe that is why I am awake and content as could be laying in bed with my cutiecute little puppy snoring next to me. Don't mind my black holes for eyeballs. NBD. (No.Big.Deal) It's dark in here because it's night time remember? Oh yes, that's right. It's 2:00 a.m.

Anyways, today was my last day of Field Experience (definition: three weeks excused from regular UVU college classes to be placed in a very unfamiliar situation teaching real students. NOTE: not fake students even though I'm not sure what a fake student would be.) This was my first Field Experience hence the "unfamiliar situation" description because when I started this journey 3 weeks ago I had not a clue what I was doing! haha I was placed in a 6th grade class which made me a tad bit nervous a.) because they were smart b.) because I was a 6th grader once and I remember how they act and c.) if I messed up they would totally know. All my worries were set aside once I actually got up in front of the class and acted like the Miss Aurich I've been taught to be! It was a really fun experience and I'm grateful for so many things. Here they are:

The super fun 6th graders I grew to know and love. These kids (even though they thought I was only 18 years old...) were funny, quick, witty, and behaved so well when we were teaching. They really made my job easy and enjoyable.Here we all are on the last day of class!

Holla atcha girl Mrs. Marlena G. She was the bomb digity to work with everyday and I was sooooooo lucky to have her as my partner through this awesome experience! We may have taken a quick picture on my laptop during class one day...haha SNEAKY! It was really quite funny and we couldn't stop laughing. We unfortunately distracted the students from all our giggles. Woops. :)

The surprise celebration the class had for me and Mrs. Marlena today before we left. Our cooperating teacher Mrs. G baked yummy treats and put together the cutest "beginner-teaching bag" for both of us. Inside were essential teacher items along with adorable personalized letters from every student in the class. When I read the letters to my mom she started tearing up -she's a sentimental kinda gal - because you could really tell that just being in the classroom those 3 weeks, you made a positive difference in the lives of 26 little 11 and 12 year olds just discovering who they are in life. So rewarding.

My family and the support they gave me through this experience! My dear mama gave me the cutest lunchbox surprise one morning with lots of yummy snacks inside! :) She was always so nice to listen to the details of my days when I came home; whether I was complaining over how tired I was or as I was as bubbly as could be after a good day of teaching. I just love her. And then my dad sat down for an hour last night editing a few pages of my 30+ paper that is due next week. Bless his heart. (If any of you feel sorry for my dad and want to edit the other 20 pages feel free to let me know :) hehe jk)My cutiecutecutie lunch box from my mom. I wish you could see the front. It says, "In a world where you can be anything, be yourself." ♥

And last but not least, I am grateful for..... HERMAN THE WORMIN'. Booyah. This was the golden ticket to winning over our 6th grade class. Thank you Ann Adamson for teaching me such a valuable song to use in the classroom. These 6th graders loved singing about Herman and thought we were the coolest ever to teach it to them. Once again, booyah.

Okay my computer is ready to die and I quite frankly do not want to plug it in, I'd rather publish this post, shut down my sleepy computer, and close my little blue eyes as well. Goodnight everyone! ♥

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