Friday, April 22, 2011

Dedicated to my {phone}

This post is all dedicated to my crazy phone week! I spent the entire week living out of a "suitcase" which was more like 3 bags, 1 big basket, a pillow, huge blanket a cooler, lunchbox and bag of is impossible for me to pack light. Ha what does 'pack light' even mean? I don't know. (sarcasm) I always like to bring more than I'll need because nobody likes to run out of things while you're away from home right? I know I sure don't!
Anyways back to the dedication. While I was away from home for a week I didn't bring my phone charger because I rarely use my phone to talk anymore (mostly due to my lack of boyfriend) so it can last forever. I ended up having a long conversation two of the nights which meant my phone was almost dunzo. I lived in a phone panic for 3 days hoping that my phone would be charged just enough to use it when I absolutely had to. This paranoid feeling lasted with me and kind of made me super anxious. I was so relived when I was able to finally go home and get my charger, but ever since yesterday when I charged it, I've still been paranoid thinking that I should still be in breakdown mode because it's going to die. Every time I go to use my phone I second guess using it because in my head I think, "Now is this really necessary? Your battery is gonna die Britt!" But then I remember that it has been charged and I can use it whenever I want :)
In honor of my phone being fully charged I was able to go through the pictures on my lil LG Chocolate Touch and send them to my email. Therefore, here's a post dedicated to my phone and the random pictures it takes for me! Enjoy!
Driving away from Tijuana, Mexico after an AWESOME day! I've been craving to go back, but I probably shouldn't because it's a dangerous place folks! I can't believe I even went in the first place! haha So fun though! :)
Can you say brown hair? Weird!
Tell me that this isn't the cutest Halloween costume eva!! I was so close to buying it for my future son, but decided I can't do that. (Fun story: When I was in Young Women's my mom was asked to "prepare" something to give to me for my future life as a mother. Many of the mom's wrote their daughters letters with advice or got them a nice picture of the temple. Not my madre. She knew me better than that and went to Target and got me this cute picture frame type decoration I'd always wanted for my future little boy's room! haha I was so shocked and excited to get it. I still have the picture to this day :) It is of a cross stitched little stick figure playing soccer. Super cute.)
My favorite outfit! I believe I took this picture to show Channy what I was wearing one day. Oh yeah that's right! She was with me when I bought the skirt so I wanted her to see what I wore with it!
This picture is when I met Herman Boone at UVU. He's the real life coach from Remember The Titans! I love meeting famous people!!!
Isn't this a cutie picture? haha Here's a random fact about me! I HAVE NEVER EVER EVER EVER READ THE HARRY POTTER BOOKS!!! I tried reading the first one back in like 4th grade and remember only reading until page 26 because I hated it. I've vowed ever since then not to read the books but I had a little roadblock to my vow this year when I was required to read one of the H.P. books for my Children's Lit. class. I decided to be honest on my assignment and read the book so I went to the library, disgustedly checked it out and then put it on my nightstand. It sat on my nightstand for 3 weeks unopened until my assignment was due. haha Luckily, my roommate helped me with my assignment by answering all of the questions for me :) Hooray! I didn't break my NO H.P. FOREVER vow. Now you all know that I cheated on my assignment, please don't judge. It was for a good cause. :) ) I sent this picture to show my friends how upset I was when I got home from checking it out at the library. haha NIIIIIIIIICE Britt.
B-E-A-UTIFUL temple.
Don'tcha love my new ring I got for $5? I wanted to buy one that looked like this on the side of the road to Arizona during my spring break trip, but the nice Native American lady was going to charge me $40!! I personally don't mind if it's fake turquoise, not stainless steel, makes my finger green and only costs $5 thankyouverymuch.
Okay check this sweet picture out that I snapped while driving past the Oquirrh Mountain temple. Cool huh? It looks all wind-ey.
I want these shoes still. I must go to the mall tomorrow to see if they're still there cause if they are....they're mine! :) Happy Easter to myself! Or happy new job! Or happy end of the semester! See there are lots of reasons why I need a new pair of cute shoes. (P.S. look at how many times I used a form of "there" in that sentence! Phewf!)
This picture is pleasing to the eye :) Taken at the one and only Walmart produce section!
"Check out the booty on that blondie!" was sent to my mom and sister when I wore my velvet sweat outfit for the first time. Here's a secret...this outfit is a tiny bit tight in the buttox area but I bought it anyway...haha It's cute though so I just had to.

Okay that was fun! Maybe I'll do like a phone picture update once in awhile. Instead of Taco Tuesday it can be TakeAPikchaOnYourPhone Tuesday. Yes it works. Seeya on the flipside errrbody!

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