Monday, January 24, 2011


Most of you probably know who Stephanie Nielson is and if you don't, you must! She is pure inspiration to all women. If you have 8 minutes to spare learn about her story here. Once you are totally hooked and want to know more visit her blog because you will learn of her struggles, happiness, and will truly be inspired.

Back in September, Stephanie (Nie Nie) spoke for the Recapturing Beauty campaign at BYU. Unfortunately, I found out about this even after it happened and I was completely bummed. To my great luck, Nie Nie announced on her blog that a video was recorded of the talk and would be posted on her blog as soon as possible. Remember when I said this was back in September?? Yeah, I've been waiting since September for this video to be posted and it finally was!! :) I watched it tonight and was consumed in her every word and sniffle :) Please take time out of your busy schedule to watch this video. I know it will change you if you let it.

-The Nielson Family

"We are only as beautiful as we are on the inside."

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